501(c) Agencies Trust is a national organization created by a dozen nonprofits in 1982 that helps nonprofit organizations like yours leave the state unemployment tax system and become reimbursing employers.

State Unemployment Insurance Tax Alternatives

Under federal law, 501(c)(3)s can opt out of the state unemployment insurance tax system and simply reimburse the state for any paid benefits. Instead of paying a flat state tax rate, 501(c) Agencies Trust can help you build a reserve account that you own and that earns interest through sound conservative investing. 501(c) Agencies Trust monitors and handles all your unemployment claims and reimburses the state for any paid claims.

Program Benefits

Included with 501(c) Agencies Trust membership is a suite of robust services designed to mitigate risk and minimize unemployment expenses, including:

  • Unparalleled and individualized customer service
  • A dedicated unemployment claims representative to strategize and consult on minimizing unemployment costs
  • Unlimited access to unemployment hearing representatives
  • 50+ certified training webinars for all supervisors and managers
  • Unlimited access to our live HR consultants for assistance on all HR topics
  • Re-employment tools and support for separated employees to expedite new employment
  • Fixed quarterly payments for budgeting ease

A 97% Retention Rate

Our program has almost 1,500 participants and saves those nonprofits an estimated $20 million annually.

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