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Every state tax system overpays some unemployment claims. One way we can save you money is by auditing 100% of your claims to find overpayment errors. Below are the 2007 overpayment rate and amount for your state as well as the deadline to opt out of the state tax system.

2007 unemployment tax cost factors

Taxable wage base: $7,000
Maximum tax rate: 5.4%

Annual benefit claims overpayment

Overpayment rate: 34.16%
Overpayment amount: $85,250,000

State deadline

If you wish to leave the state unemployment tax system, the deadline to notify your state: November 30

Unemployment tax cost per employee in Arizona

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  • Claims management team

    Maile Salas
    Claims Consultant:
    Phone: (800) 955-4351, ext. 5
    Fax: (866) 266-2359

  • Trust administrator

    Terri Oakley
    Phone: (800) 442-4867, ext. 168
    Fax: (800) 449-8563

Claim procedures

From claims filed and separation requests to appeals and layoffs, our dedicated claims management team takes care of all unemployment communication with the state as well as all the paperwork. Learn more.