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Announcing UInsure

A first-of-kind admitted insurance program


For more than 30 years,

501(c) Services has been helping nonprofits save money.

An expert administrator,

we manage the nation’s oldest and largest unemployment cost management program as well as other money saving programs for thousands of nonprofits.

We understand

the special challenges of nonprofits like yours.

How it works

Explore how to put unemployment costs back in your mission

Whether you’re a visual learner or love to kick back and read, we’ve created three different options for you to learn more about reimbursing your state unemployment insurance:


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Our Services

501(c) Agencies Trust

The nation’s oldest and largest unemployment cost management program.


A first-of-kind unemployment insurance program.

Boy Scout Unemployment Plan

We save Boy Scout participants millions of dollars annually.

Nonprofit HR Hotline

Inflate your human resources with our live hotline.

WA State Workers Comp

Earn a refund of your L&I premiums by controlling claim costs and preventing workplace injuries.

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