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There are literally thousands of blogs out there, most of which claim to help you improve one thing or another. These lists (you can find the others in the series here) will help you follow the ones that inspire definitive change.


A blog built on the premise of assisting you to optimize growth, Kissmetrics offers “an ultra-focused view on common marketing metrics”. Marketing metrics are often perceived as very complicated, this blog will drill down the key components, and simplify complicated concepts.

While this is not a blog specific to the nonprofit community…the information they offer can easily be applied to improve your organization. They will teach you how to drive growth by analyzing the behavior of your visitors, and how to connect with your visitors on a deeper emotional level.

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Nonprofits and NGOs

Seeking to inform and inspire the leaders of social change, SSRI has devoted an entire section to the nonprofit sector. They are focused on improving the good that you do, and intent on helping you succeed. Their excellent articles include, funding models, the role of brand in your nonprofit, and how to create a nonprofit that provides high impact.

Nonprofit Quarterly

This isn’t the first time we’ve included Nonprofit Quarterly in this list. They offer consistent, reliable content that drives organizations forward while keeping them informed. They are a go to for the latest news, policy, social, philanthropy, governance, and management updates and information. Recent articles that can’t be missed include: Reflections on executive leadership and transition data, and Get SMART: The 4-step science of the viral fundraising campaign.

Mother Jones

This is a recent discovery for me, and I’m obsessed. Mother Jones lets the facts speak for themselves, which in an era of ‘fake news’ claims, is absolutely refreshing. A nonprofit themselves, they focus on what matters to the industry; You’ll find articles that delve into politics, the environment, media, crime and justice, and food. They make it easy to stay in the know, and on a lighter note, they offer a weekly cat blog.

Wired Impact

Wired Impact is passionate about making a difference by aiding the nonprofit community through “making websites that make good happen”. Their blog reflects this passion, and talk about content. You’ll find new articles two to three times a week, that are brief yet detailed, making them easy to consume and put into action. With a range of categories, there really is something for everyone. Don’t miss: 10 online press room examples for nonprofits, 6 ways to increase blog traffic on your nonprofit website, and should you use pop-ups on your nonprofit’s website?

Re-posted with the permission of our friends at Jitasa. Jitasa is the largest national accounting and bookkeeping nonprofit services provider.

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