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Adams hangs up unemployment cape

By April 18, 2022April 20th, 2022No Comments

Doug Adams, 501(c) Services’ Director of UI Solutions, has worked in unemployment insurance for more than 40 years. After all that time, he’s decided to close the UI chapter of his life and retire. His last day at 501 will be April 28, 2022.

“Doug has been trying to retire for a few years,” said Eric Stemm, COO of 501(c) Service. “We were able to use the pandemic – and other excuses – to keep him around, but he’s finally decided to make it official.”

There are very few people in the United States that have the knowledge and passion Doug has for the unemployment subject matter and the nonprofits he works with.

In a recent article about his work, Doug commented about dealing with Trust members during COVID, “My passion is to help. And it’s been both energizing and demoralizing because I couldn’t always help their [Trust members’] pain. I could give them the information I had. But during this time, there were so many unknowns.”

Most recently, Doug has been assisting members in some of the states whose billing systems were impacted the most by COVID – New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, and Washington. He also works closely with a large number of Ys and Boys & Girls Clubs.

“Losing Doug to retirement is bittersweet,” said Stemm. “He has a long deep connection with so many of our staff and members. He’s one of those people who you enjoy being around the moment you meet him.”

Doug’s career with 501 began when he worked at Gibbens Company – a company later purchased by Gates McDonald/TALX (later purchased by Equifax) – and served Trust members as a claims manager. He was hired by 501 in 2004 to direct Trust member relations. He will be greatly missed.

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