Boy Scouts Plan

How The Plan Works

Since 1995, the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan has helped participating councils control unemployment costs and save valuable staff time, while providing superior support from a team of experts focused exclusively on helping nonprofit organizations.

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 Participants of the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan save money on unemployment costs by reimbursing state claims in a secure environment. Depending on your state, a single unemployment claim can cost as much as $32,000. The Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan can help you avoid claims, minimize inaccurate and inappropriate claims, and save staff time dealing with the state. Offering a full-service approach, coordinated by a fully staffed in-house team of plan management professionals, the plan helps you work closely with a proactive claims management team supported by a hands-on comprehensive system of services to help you effectively reduce claims.

Council Education

Our informational resources are designed for one-to-one human communication with a minimal use of automated technology.

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The most effective way to reduce the cost of unemployment claims is through organization-wide education and training. When you utilize the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan, you receive unlimited access to our entire suite of education services.

These services are based upon a one-on-one relationship. We always strive to offer real-time human interaction and minimize the use of password-protected resource sites, automated programs or impersonal call centers.

Web-based Council Training

We offer more than 25 instructor-led, web-based training sessions per year. Working with the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan provides every supervisor and every HR professional in your organization unlimited access to our training opportunities.

Practiced Unemployment Consultation

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of the unemployment bureaucracy in your state? We didn’t think so. That’s why we have in-house experts to answer your questions and provide immediate education. Often times we know more than your state bureaucrat.

Claims Administration

We are proud to offer the largest and most experienced claims assistance and customer service team in the industry.

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With the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan, you are a reimbursing employer and only pay dollar for dollar on all valid unemployment claims. Therefore it is very important that you have a practiced claims department at hand. And that’s what we provide.

Everyone using the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan is assigned a dedicated claims consultant – someone who knows you and your organization not just the ins and outs of each specific state. Your claims consultant expands your organization’s ability to manage, reduce and contest unemployment claims.

But these claims consultants are only your first layer of service. A team of unemployment experts supports every claims consultant. This team audits your incoming claims for errors and helps you strategically plan and calculate layoffs. And finally, we provide you with experienced hearing representatives to help you protest claims if necessary.

All of this allows you to save as much as 40% on your unemployment costs every year.


Our programs are designed to not only safeguard our councils but save them money as well.

Working with the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan is not just about the strategic health of our councils but also about their dollars and cents. Councils participate because it is a money saving exercise. The Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan helps you hold on to those funding dollars that you have worked so hard to obtain.

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A very important part of being a self-insurer is maintaining smart control over your cash flow. That is why the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan maintains an unemployment claims savings account for your future unemployment claims and facilitates a group purchasing program to reduce the cost of completing your missions.

Council-Owned Accounts
All of councils in the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan have an individually owned savings account that unemployment claims are paid from. This way there is no risk pool (like with the state) and you are able to build up protected reserves for future layoffs at a speed you can afford.

Becoming a reimbursing employer is a strategic decision. Doing so with the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan helps insure our organizations are saving budget dollars.


We’ve taken every precaution, and designed a few news ones, to protect you in every way.

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The Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan has been providing an unemployment savings program for councils since 1995.

If you’re looking at an unemployment savings program, here are some questions you ought to be asking about the security of your savings account:

Is your account private?

All Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan accounts have a private reserve from which your unemployment claims are paid. This account is not shared in a pool. Your money is used only to pay your organization’s unique bills.

Who watches over your money?

501(c) Services is the third party administrator for the Boy Scout Unemployment Plan and meet quarterly with the Director of Benefit and Retirement to review all aspects of the plan.

Are you insured against large unemployment charges?

Only the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan provides industry-leading stop loss insurance from an A+ rated carrier. Unlike other unemployment insurance programs, your money is at less risk from large unforeseen claims. You are protected against such things.

As you can see, we’ve thought of everything. Your success as individual councils is very important – so we have designed the program to cover every need.