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Since 1995, the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan has helped participating councils control unemployment costs and save valuable staff time, while providing superior support from a team of experts focused exclusively on helping nonprofit organizations.

Unique Savings for Councils

Participants of the Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan save money on unemployment costs by reimbursing state claims in a secure environment. Depending on your state, a single unemployment claim can cost as much as $32,000. The Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan can help you avoid claims, minimize inaccurate and inappropriate claims, and save staff time dealing with the state. Offering a full-service approach, coordinated by a fully staffed in-house team of plan management professionals, the plan helps you work closely with a proactive claims management team supported by a hands-on comprehensive system of services to help you effectively reduce claims.

Program Benefits

Included with Boy Scouts Unemployment Plan membership is a suite of robust services designed to mitigate risk and minimize unemployment expenses, including:

  • Unparalleled and individualized customer service
  • A dedicated unemployment claims representative to strategize and consult on minimizing unemployment costs
  • Unlimited access to unemployment hearing representatives

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