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Online Learning Resources That Will Help Your Career

By June 15, 2020No Comments

Learning should never stop ⁠— even if your career is running at full speed. It’s humbling to acknowledge that you can’t perfect every aspect of your career, but it’s also important to constantly work to improve yourself in facets that you run short on. One way you can go about this is by seeking learning materials that provide you with the knowledge and training that you need to further your career.

The internet is a treasure trove for virtually any subject that you want to work on. From improving leadership skills to nurturing good interpersonal relationships, there’s always an available online learning resource that covers the topic. Considering all of that, we’ve listed below the best online learning resources that will help you advance your career.

Online Schools

More and more people are enrolling in online schools to finish a certificate, short course, or even a degree. Online schools are just as effective as in-classroom courses, and they allow for more flexibility when it comes to scheduling and pacing. Additionally, even Ivy League universities like Harvard University and Yale have partnered with different learning platforms like edX, Coursera, and Udemy to offer short courses and degrees from their excellent roster.

From self-improvement courses to various business degrees, online schools are undoubtedly one of the best ways to bolster your career. Some degree programs even let you earn relevant certifications along the way, making the investment go even further. Case in point: Maryville University’s strategic communication and leadership program highlights the importance of auxiliary certifications in SEO, content marketing, and cloud computing — which are all key skills for businesses in web 4.0. In this way, you can show your superiors that you are geared to adapt to modern business trends in your industry, giving you a much better chance of moving up in your company.

Free Educational Webcasts

Educational webcasts or webinars are some of the most efficient ways to deliver information over the internet. As with real-life seminars, online educational webcasts are often done live. If you’re unable to join the live event, usually the webinar is recorded and available to be viewed afterward. There’s also a potential for educational webcasts to be more engaging than your usual online learning resources, through the use of polls, quizzes, and audience questions.

While it’s always good to look out for webcasts that detail innovations specific to your industry, universal educational webcasts, like ‘Managing Performance Effectively’ from HRDesigned4U’s Stephanie Martinez, will be beneficial for every type of employee. This is because the key to a successful career is reforming one’s overall philosophies and work attitude alongside specific skills.

Video streaming websites

YouTube has long dominated video-streaming platforms ⁠— and you can find everything there including educational videos to boost your knowledge and skills. In fact, YouTube is a great learning platform as it aids the students in preparing assignments, presentations, and seminars. And besides from having a myriad of educational videos, its free-for-all business model makes it accessible to all students.

Furthermore, the lack of face-to-face learning is addressed by educational videos. This can be seen in channels like Khan Academy, where students are greeted by a virtual whiteboard and the instructor’s voice. This goes to show that using free video resources is also an efficient way to learn as it eliminates distractions and encourages learning at a digestible pace.

As the above points show, the internet is one of the best ways to educate yourself in order to further your career. From full-time online degrees to teaching yourself through YouTube videos, you can acquire the knowledge you need to move forward.

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