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We are pleased to offer UInsureSM – an admitted unemployment insurance product* that is an alternative to State Unemployment Insurance (SUI). UInsure provides customizable first dollar insurance options that range from an agreed-upon limit to coverage for all unemployment charges during the policy year. These options provide peace of mind and budgetary certainty.

A first dollar policy is insurance that kicks in at the first unemployment claims dollar charged and can be designed to mirror the state’s unemployment insured program, but at a lower cost. In consultation with their broker, the policyholder can retain no risk and create a policy without limits or customize a policy with a limit where the policyholder assumes risk after a predetermined dollar amount.

*UInsure is not available in all states.

State Unemployment Tax Alternatives

Federal law allows certain employers to opt out of paying SUI taxes and instead reimburse the state for unemployment benefits paid out to separated employees. For many employers, this is a cost savings opportunity when paired with appropriate risk management services. A typical employer can realize a potential savings in excess of 20% per year versus paying SUI taxes.

Program Benefits

Included with a UInsure policy is a suite of robust services designed to even further mitigate risk and minimize unemployment expenses, including:

  • Completely customizable to match your risk preferences
  • An admitted insurance program*
  • A dedicated unemployment claims representative
  • Unlimited access to unemployment hearing representatives
  • Unlimited access to senior HR professionals
  • Re-employment tools and support for separated employees
  • Industry-leading background and identity services
  • Talent acquisition services
  • Up-to-date employee management training for HR staff and other supervisors

*UInsure is not available in all states.

Who Qualifies?

This reimbursement option is exclusively available to 501(c)(3), public entities and tribally owned businesses. Typically, employers with a minimum of 15 full-time employees and/or a gross annual payroll over $1 million are best suited for this option.

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