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We are pleased to offer Washington State nonprofits the opportunity to save money by participating in a Group Retro Plan recognized by the Washington Department of Labor and Industries.

Exercise Your Retro Options

Retro (short for Retrospective Rating Program) is an elective program offered by the Washington Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) as an incentive program through which employers earn a partial refund of L&I premiums by controlling workers’ compensation claim costs and preventing workplace injuries.

Since 2000, participants of the 501(c) Agencies’ Labor and Industries Trust have saved an average of 12% on their L&I premiums. To date, more than $20 million has been returned to those nonprofits to help with their missions.

Plan Benefits

  • More than $20 million in refunds since 1991 have been shared by participating employers
  • Discounts on L&I premiums
  • Lower claim costs
  • Return to work assistance
  • Safer work environment
  • Education and training
  • Claims management
  • Safety assistance
  • Record of address for L&I correspondence
  • On-demand updates
  • Below average experience factor

Who can participate in the 501(c) Agencies’ Labor and Industries Trust?

Any 501(c)(3) employer in the state of Washington that can demonstrate a good safety record, is current on their L&I premiums, and can report hours worked in one of twenty-three accepted risk classifications is eligible for the 501(c) Agencies’ Labor and Industries Trust.

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