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Working Mother magazine has released their annual list of the 100 best companies for working moms. While only one nonprofit made the list, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, the strategic benefits packages of these organizations are excellent benchmarks for all employers.

Besides the obvious pro-mom benefits like paid time off for new moms, many of the employers also had other supportive benefits like back-up child care and dry cleaning services. All of the companies on the list offer at least some paid maternity leave compared to just 30 percent of typical USA companies. Many of the employers also offer a program that is referred to as phase-back working. These programs allow moms to ease back into work after maternity leave instead of using a hard return date following a child birth.

“This year’s winning companies know the value of keeping their employee moms engaged and supported,” said Working Mother Editor-in-Chief Meredith Bodgas in a statement. “They use schedule flexibility, paid parental leave and family benefits to ensure that parents can develop meaningful careers while leading satisfying home lives.”

According to Working Mother’s data, the average number of weeks of fully paid maternity leave of their 100 employers is ten weeks. The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) only requires employers to provide 12 weeks of unpaid leave following child birth. This is one of the lowest levels of leave in the industrialized world.

The average time off of the 100 employers in the list for new dads is four weeks of paid leave.

Take a look at the list below to see what these employers are offering to provide the best environments for working mothers:

  1. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ
    Working from home or another off-site location is a popular benefit at Horizon, and 44% of people do so either part-time or full-time (though everyone can request this option). Those who need a little extra help with the kids can access subsidized slots at local daycare facilities and backup-care centers. Tuition reimbursements are unlimited.
  2. McKinsey & Co.
    At McKinsey & Co. birth parents are offered 16 weeks of paid time off, and non-birth parents are offered eight weeks of paid time off. The company also provides flexibility that allows employees to take 10 weeks off between projects, forgo excess travel and delay advancement in order to pursue better work-life balance.

  3. Unilever 
    Last year, Unilever increased its maternity leave to 16 weeks and introduced breast milk shipping for new moms. The company also offers childcare services and subsidies and provides a special breakfast series at which female executives discuss their careers.


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