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By September 30, 2021October 5th, 2021No Comments

Embark on a fall fixer-upper project and receive access to the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance’s premier training opportunity!

As a member of 501(c) Services, you can receive access to the Leaderosity Library at the low cost of $35. Featuring Effective Staff Supervision, developed in partnership with 501(c) Services, the Library hosts a full catalog of on-demand, virtual courses. Here’s what a learner had to say about the course:

“What a great course series. Each module addressed concerns that occur for me in the workplace on a regular basis. Topics were thoroughly identified and I really liked the different modes of teaching — written, video, webinars and TED TALKS. Referencing authors and their work allowed me to research further.”

As one of the highest-rated courses in the Library, learners of the Effective Staff Supervision series will leave with an effective staff management tool belt. The Library’s most recent course explores risk leadership as a management style.

To take advantage of this exclusive opportunity:

  1. Click this link to pay the $35 access fee.
  2. Once paid, you will see the confirmation screen with this link and a code to redeem along with brief instructions.

To receive notifications about other upcoming training opportunities, be sure to join the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance mailing list. If you have any questions regarding access to the Leaderosity Library, please contact Katie Rossman, CNP, at the Alliance. To learn more about the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, click here.

FREE training, in the Social Justice training area. The third course in The Equity Journey series is available for a limited time (October 15 – November 14)

What’s Fair? Exploring Social Justice in America

Social justice is complicated. No matter what your personal, professional or community roles are, the topic is difficult to pin down. This short course helps you explore social justice using a broad lens, including race and ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, birthplace, economic status, history, education and politics.

Through a look at the meaning of social justice and how it takes shape in our world, participants will:

  • Improve their understanding of social justice;
  • Be more aware of the barriers that hinder social justice;
  • Create a personal definition of social justice and learn how to put it into action and;
  • Examine strategies for how to support and nurture social justice.

You will leave the course with the confidence to engage in conversations and activities to advance social justice in organizations and communities. Learners will move through the course at their own pace and will earn a certificate upon completion.


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